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BASIC HOME INSPECTION (only available in Broward)

Major Systems Inspection

This inspection does NOT follow the Home Inspection Standards of Practice of the State of Florida. This insection covers the  main systems of the house (4 Point Inspection Report), provides potential credits to your insurance premium (Wind Mitigation Inspection Report) and includes a licensed roofing contractor inspecting the roof and a licensed termite company inspecting for termites. And finally, it includes a Permit History Report so you can see what work has been permitted and if there are any open permits.

Looking for more or if the house is over 3,000 sq ft? Visit our Residential Home Inspection page.

Residential Home Inspection

5 Reports w/ Every Inspection

Roof Inspection Report - a licensed roofing company inspects the roof and provides a report with identified deficiencies and an actual cost to repair or replace the roof

WDO (termite) Inspection Report - a licensed termite company inspects the house for any evidence of termites, they provide a WDO Inspection Report

Wind Mitigation Inspection Report - your insurance agent is going to ask you for this report, the report documents the characteristics of the house in order to determine which credits (discounts) to apply to your insurance policy


4 Point Inspection Report - your insurance agent might ask you for this report, this report tells the insurance company the current condition of the house, they use this in order to determine if they are able to insure the house

Permit History Report - this report is available for most cities, it shows the work that has been done in the house with permits, it also shows if there are any current open permits, for older homes this report goes as far back as the city has electronic records


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